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PhoneSkope 'Lollipop' Universal Phone Case

The 'Lollipop' Universal phone case is for all those Smartphones out there that we do not already have a Phoneskope phone case for today and may not have for the future.

The 'Lollipop', (Code: PSLOLLI) has a suggested retail price of £ 40.00 including VAT and weighs in at just 80 grams.

It will take phones up to 3.5"/89mm wide and 0.5"/12mm thick. It is very easy to fit a phone with the minimum of effort and allows you to keep your phone in some designs of existing protective case while you're using it.
It is in what is best described as an "interesting" colour, making it easy to see under most circumstances!

As with all other Phoneskope phone cases, all you need to do now is attach an eyepiece adapter, either a C-3 dedicated or a U1 Mini or U2 Universal adapter.

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Phoneskope Universal 'Lollipop' Phone Case PSLOLLI £40.00


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