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PhoneSkope Bluetooth Shutter Release for Android & Apple phones

The PhoneSkope Bluetooth Shutter Button offers you the ability to take photos without having to touch your phone's 'shutter' button which can sometimes cause camera shake, especially at high magnification or in poor light. It comes complete with USB Charging cable for the internal battery and a PhoneSkope neck strap.

Phoneskope Bluetooth shutter button, USB cable and neck strap

The Shutter Button has a built-in rechargeable battery that will give many hours of use in the field when fully charged. It charges via a mini USB port (same as on most Android devices) seen here to the left of the On/Off switch and can be fully charged in under an hour using the supplied USB Cable.

CLose-up of Phoneskope Bluetooth shutter button, USB cable and neck strap

The Shutter Button is compatible with Apple and Android devices but not with Windows phones.

Those with a Samsung Galaxy S3 should download the free app "A Better Camera" which can be obtained from This allows you to easily swap the phone's 'volume' button function to 'take pictures' via a simple menu within the app. The BTSB requires this swap to be made in order to work successfully with the S3. Please contact us if you do require any more help with this.

General instructions for use with most Smartphones:

    1) Charge the Bluetooth Shutter Release Button for an hour before use.
    2) Remove the USB cable and turn your Bluetooth Shutter Release Button 'On'.
    3) On your Smartphone, turn Bluetooth 'On' and allow your phone to Scan for devices.
    4) The phone will identify the Bluetooth Shutter Release Button as "Bluetooth Shutter" or in some cases "Quick Flash". Choose one of these and allow your phone to connect to it.
    5) Open your phone's camera app and if connected successfully, your camera shutter will now be controlled by the Bluetooth Shutter Release Button. Note: If pressing the shutter release button on the Bluetooth Shutter Release only serves to increase the volume, please read the note below.

Within the Settings menu for the phone's camera you may also need to assign the phone's Volume button the job of acting as the Shutter Button.

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PhoneSkope's own Youtube video about setting up the Bluetooth Shutter Release can be seen here: