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Welcome to PhoneSkope

Note: for shipments outside the UK, please see the "Overseas shipping" sections on the Phone Case and Adapter pages. Thank you.

PhoneSkope! Two words put together that mean you can easily use your Smartphone on a telescope for picture taking, video making or simply viewing. PhoneSkope cases add just a couple of millimeters extra to the size of your Smartphone while at the same time naturally allow you to use all the normal functions of your phone.

PhoneSkope Smartphone cases are used in conjunction with a C-3 Dedicated Adapter or the U1 Mini or U2 Universal Adapters for a multitude of eyepieces on quality optics.

Phoneskope case and adapter connected to a Vortex Razor HD Spotting scope.

Using your quality optical devices including Spotting Scopes, (not recommended for use on riflescopes), Astronomical Telescopes, Monoculars and many Binoculars (a tripod is strongly recommended!), you can now use your smartphone's camera to take quality pictures and videos. Or, if with friends, share the image on your phone's screen.

Nowadays, most of us do not go anywhere without our smartphone and so using PhoneSkope on your optical equipment you have an alternative lightweight and very convenient method of capturing images and videos without having to carry a camera.

With PhoneSkope's design it's a simple set up. First, choose your phone case or the Lollipop Universal case, then either a C-3 dedicated eyepiece adapter to fit your eyepiece, or either the U1 Mini Click-lock adapter that will fit numerous eyepieces from 1.2" to 1.8" or the U2 Universal Click-lock adapter that will fit numerous eyepieces from 1.7" to 2.3" in diameter.

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Dealers who sell PhoneSkope include the following:

The Birders Store
Cley Spy
Clifton Cameras
In Focus stores

Important Note! If we do not have an adapter for your spotting scope listed on the C-3 Adapter page, please first consider the U1 Mini or U2 Universal Click-lock Adapters. If these are not suitable then please measure your eyepiece as shown below and then contact us either on 01367 242411 or email and we will help you all we can.

Please click either image below for a larger version.

Vortex Razor HD eyepiece Vortex Razor HD 11-33x50 eyepiece


Broadcasting your images in real time!

Once you have captured the photos or videos, it's easy to share with Facebook friends, via email, texting photos or Dropbox and the files will be on your computer within minutes.

You can also video chat with your friends. Wherever you are you can both video chat, and they can be looking through your spotting scope at that special image at the same time as you are!