Vortex binoculars suitable for Horse Racing / Polo / Cricket / Motor Sports etc.

Depending on how portable you need a binocular to be can depend on the size of the binocular that is best for you.

For equestrian sports, cricket and motor sports a 10x magnification is usually best. Not because the subjects are small but primarily because they are some distance away. What needs to be taken into account is the fat end of the binocular because the weight increases the "fatter" it gets. A 10x50 binocular is typically around 800 to 900 grams, a 10x42 between 590 and 800 grams and a 10x32 around 450 grams, all depending on quality.

The most popular tends to be a 10x42 for portability, but the bigger the fat end the more light that comes in and so in the early morning, late evening and dull and rainy days the 10x50 has obvious advantages. If size matters, then a 10x32 is the smallest.

Should weight be a consideration, then do look at an elasticated binocular harness. This takes the weight off your neck and spreads it comfortable around your upper body. Goes on like a cardigan/waistcoat, without the body!