Vortex binoculars suitable for Safari / Travel / Whale / Dolphin watching.

The most popular binocular for safari/travel/whale/dolphin watching is a 10x magnification to bring the subjects as close as possible allowing for hand-holding the binocular.

The most popular size being 10x42. The 42 part being the fat end of the binocular that lets in the light. Binoculars of this size tend to be between around 590 grams and 800 grams, depending on the quality. If this is a little too heavy then a 10x32 could be considered around the 450 grams mark, but keep in mind that less light can be a drawback in the early morning, late evening and dull or rainy days.

Should weight be a bit of a problem then do consider an elasticated binocular harness that takes the weight off your neck and spreads it comfortably around your upper body. Goes on like a cardigan/waistcoat without the sleeves or body!