Vortex binoculars great for kids.

With smaller hands either a more compact binocular or a porro prism binocular that is often easier to hold may well be a consideration for the younger set.

Porro are bigger than a so-called 'compact' binocular but their shape and how younger people tend to hold binoculars make them an attractive proposition for this age group. The 6.5 or 8.5 magnification and the 32mm fat end, are around the same weight of 485 grams, so here it is more a decision of what level of magnification can be held in the hand to make the best of the binocular.

Away from porro, the standard roof-prism (the most popular and slimmer design) and 8x magnification and either a 26mm or 28mm fat end are great entry level or starter binoculars. Nice and small and less than 400 grams, smaller younger people should not find them a hassle to carry around.