Vortex binoculars for long distance observation from balconies etc.

Long distance observation from a static position calls for larger binoculars on a tripod or even a spotting 'scope on a tripod.

All quality binoculars have a tripod adapter screw so it is just matter of a tripod adapter and a tripod to set binoculars up on a tripod. The smallest more general binocular would be a 10x magnification, but for true long distances a 12x or 15x are far more suitable or you can go up as far as 18x as well.

All the larger magnification binoculars have their fat end as 50mm for efficient light gathering, with a few at 56mm.

The preferred static long distance binoculars tend to be 12x50 or 15x50, with these averaging around the 800 grams mark, very similar to a 10x50. Once you get to a 56mm fat end they tend to weigh in between 1000g and 1200 grams.

Although binoculars are not normally as heavy as a spotting 'scope, it is recommended that a good quality, sturdy tripod is used as then you get the stability required to make best use of the magnification for long distances.