Vortex binoculars suitable for Bird Watching / Flowers / Fauna / Hiking etc.

The most popular binocular for bird watching/flowers/fauna/hiking etc; is an 8x magnification and a 42mm fat end of the binocular. In other words, an 8x42.

An 8x42 gives you a nice wide field of view (sometimes called "field of vision") which is vital for scanning, in particular when looking for birds as in the main they are such small subjects. The 8x magnification makes this size of binocular a little easier to hold for longer period of time while looking for a particular bird.

The good thing about a decent 8x42 binocular is that most will have very good close focus, ideal if you have an added interest in flowers/fauna etc. 8x42 binoculars tend to weight between 600 and 700 grams, depending on the quality, but if this is a tad heavy then do consider an 8x32 as these often offer a very good field of view and close focus.

An average 8x32 weighs around 450 grams, but do keep in mind that less light coming in though the fat end of the binocular may be a drawback in the early morning, late evening and dull or rainy days.

Should weight be a bit of a problem then do consider an elasticated binocular harness that takes the weight off your neck and spreads it comfortably around your upper body. Goes on like a cardigan/waistcoat without the sleeves or body!