Vortex binoculars / monoculars suitable for Angling.

Monoculars have become popular with anglers as they are small, lightweight and go easily into a pocket of a vest.

To make the best use of the available light an 8x36 or 10x36 monocular are considered best. 8 or 10 is the magnification and 36 is the fat end that brings in the light.

Without doubt the most popular binoculars are either 10x42 or 10x50, with the occasional 12x50 for those who want the maximum magnification to see longer distances but can still hand-hold the binocular. A 10x42 binocular is usually between around 590 and 800 grams and a 10x50 between 800 to 900 grams, depending on quality.

A 12x50 can weigh in between 800 and 900 grams. The fat end, 42mm or 50mm brings in the light and depending on quality, a 50mm usually brings in more light than a 42mm.

If binoculars around your neck may be a weight problem, take a look at an elasticated binocular harness. This takes the weight off your neck and spreads it comfortably around your upper body and does not interfere with other clothing. Goes on like a cardigan/waistcoat, without the body!