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Vortex Accessories: Bino Bandit

Bino Bandit - A handy glare-reducing addition to your binoculars.

Bino Bandit has been designed to improve visual accuracy while using your binoculars and reduce eye strain by blocking glare and ambient light which gives better clarity while using your binoculars.

Bino Bandit fits most full-size binoculars (32mm objective & greater) including the Swarovski BTX module and is comfortable to use thanks to the flex fit of the neoprene helping to block out the wind and ambient light around the eyepieces.

Bino Bandit easily attaches to your binoculars - stretch it over each eyepiece in turn and and it then sits at the bottom of the eyecups.

The sides of Bino Bandit can be buckled together across the eyepieces as a makeshift rainguard which helps protect the eye cups from collecting dirt.

Key Features

  • Fits most full-size binoculars
  • Improves clarity and detail
  • Blocks wind and sun glare
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Improves visual accuracy
  • Covers eye cups when not in use
  • Fold one or both sides forward to vent as needed

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