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Skoped Vision - Phoneskope for your Riflescope.

Skoped Vision Adapter just £59.00 incl VAT (limited stock offer)

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Phoneskope has elevated phonescoping once again, this time for riflescopes and only adds around 250grams to your riflescope!

Phoneskope's new Skoped Vision riflescope adapter allows you to capture high quality pictures and video through your riflescope* with your smartphone's camera. *The majority of riflescopes, but not those with illuminated reticle controls on the eyepiece.

Skoped Vision features a unique design, giving you the ability to look through the riflescope as you would normally and capture the moment with your phone mounted on your riflescope in a Phoneskope Smartphone case. A Phoneskope Smartphone case is needed when using Skoped Vision as the two pieces work together to center the phone camera on the riflescope. The Phoneskope phone case keeps your phone secure while operating the firearm and are manufactured out of tough ABS plastic in southern Utah, USA. Sorry, the Lollipop Universal case is not suitable for use with Skoped Vision.

As distributors of Vortex binoculars, monoculars and spotting 'scopes and their related accessories for the 'Observation' markets, you will understand that all our testing of Skoped Vision has been done with Vortex riflescopes.

Skoped Vision Samples Skoped Vision Samples Skoped Vision Samples

Please note: To use Skoped Vision, you must either already have a Phoneskope case for your Smartphone or you will need one. It is not suitable for use with the Lollipop Universal case. If you wish to use your own hard shell plastic phone case, you can fit the Phoneskope C2-HL bayonet adapter disc to your existing case to make it work with Skoped Vision - see bottom of page on given link.

The Smartphone will be mounted on the side of the riflescope, giving you an unobstructed view through the riflescope while shooting. There is very little, if any, loss of light or optical quality with Skoped Vision as the glass inside the adapter is manufactured to a very high quality. With the universal mounting system, Skoped Vision will attach to and detach from most riflescopes in seconds. The universal mounting system functions similarly to a snowboard ratchet binding, creating a very tight connection to the riflescope without damaging the finish of the optic.

Skoped Vision has been tested in the USA for use with .223/.556 NATO Ammunition and has performed very well.

Skoped Vision Samples Skoped Vision Samples Skoped Vision Samples

When installing Skoped Vision to a firearm or rifle with or without recoil, always insure that there is adequate eye relief to avoid injury.

We cannot be liable for any injury or damage to you or your equipment and/or electronics. Use Skoped Vision at your own risk.

Note: Skoped Vision does not work with GoPro at this time.

Skoped Vision Adapter just £59.00 incl VAT (limited stock offer)

A Phoneskope Smartphone case for an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S series Smartphone is also required - prices between £40.00 & £49.00 incl VAT. Follow the link for the phone case listings.

Skoped Vision Riflescope Adapter:

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Skoped Vision Riflescope Adapter SKOPED1 £59.00



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